Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Good bye 2009, Hello 2010

As we toasted our red Solo cups of champagne, my friends are I were in agreement: we were quite ready for 2009 to be over. We hoped 2010 would bring the fresh start people associate with the New year.

People who know me best know that I was more than ready for 2009 to be over, which was by far my most challenging time period of my life to date. So what better way to start fresh than by sharing that fresh start with some of your best friends.

So I headed north, to the Windy City, to say good-bye to "The Aughts" and hello to "The Teens" with my college fraternity brothers from Sigma Nu- Beta Eta chapter at Indiana University.

Once again I took the Amtrak train leaving St. Louis bright and early New Year's Eve morning. I did the one thing I told myself I would NOT do ... meet a girl. Again, people who know me best know why this is. However, we had some mutual friends, were both Greeks in college, shared some common experience and because she a law student she seemed to have half a brain. Regardless, the conversation made the trip go faster and soon enough we were in Chicago.

I was a little better prepared this time so I research the "L" lines and figured out how to get from Union Station to Wrigleyville without an expensive cab ride. Next thing I knew I was getting dressed and prepping for the evening.

Instead of some foo-foo hotel party downtown, we decided on a much more relaxed venue- a sports bar. However, some IU grad rented it out and charged $70 a head for all you could eat and drink. Let's just say we got our money's worth. The time flew by and as the ball dropped the single guys tried to find girls to kiss with any luck whatsoever. Maybe next year, right?

New Years Day involved finding a brunch so we could fill our stomachs and attempt to kill the hangovers we all had. Chicken wings, sliders and eggs were just what the doctor ordered. We watched a few bowl games as we ate, drank a few beers and chatted while I texted with the girl I met before Christmas who had car troubles.

Whenever this particular group of guys gets together, it's just like being in the fraternity house all over again. Immaturity prevails, couch wrestling takes place and every possible dirty and sexual innuendo is made at every comment. However, it is one of those situations where even though it appears that we hate each other, we have each others backs and would support each other no matter what. Whenever I'm with these guys, I know that no matter what, everything is going to be okay.

I got up with some old friends as well. The Leslie-Rachel rivalry was renewed at both high school love interests turned friends fought for my free time. Luckily there was no blood shed.

My train ride was delayed. Again, I was better prepared this time, I packed some Tylenol PM and knocked myself out. Regardless, my 6:20 am alarm came way too soon the following Monday.

Here's to Twenty Ten.

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