Friday, January 16, 2009

Fisch's Fury, Part Deuce

I had a big morning yesterday.

I ran in former IU soccer coaches Jerry and Todd Yeagley at the NSCAA National Convention, met with another IU grad who's on staff with the group trying to bring MLS to St. Louis, and prospected for a coaching gig.

By the time I had to head to the O.S. Sports Academy for my shift, I was starving. As I drove through the Chesterfield Valley, my eyes locked onto a Hardee's looming on the horizon.

The drive through window had a line a mile-long, so I parked the truck and walked in. The very first thing I see when I walk in is a 350+ lbs man ordering a turbo-sized double thick-burger combo.

All I could think was: Seriously!

Eating fast food is probably half of this guy's problem. Just like Glenn Beck believes people should be required to have a license to engage in reproduction, I feel that people should need a license to eat junkfood.

It's simple, if you don't meet specific height-weight ratio requirments- No Micky D's for you.

President-elect Barrack Obama could even create a Bureau of "Food Police" as part of his job-creation plans!

Speaking of Obama, the City of St. Louis decided to change the name of one of its more well-know streets, Delmar, which goes through The Loop to "Obama St."

Once again all I could think was: Seriously!

This man hasn't had one day in office yet and everyone is making him out to be the second coming of Christ. I want all our presidents to be successful and keep America the greatest country in the world regardless of party affiliation, but who knows- Obama could suck worse than G-Dub.

We just don't know yet. So why should anyone name a street after an un-tested president. It's ludicrous!

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