Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Well folks there is no point in denying it anymore. I lost my job with the Dynamo last week. In the cut throat world of corporate sales, you're expected to generate a certain number of dollars, and when you don't, well, you get the picture. Yes, I'm disappointed, but I look at it as a blessing in disguise. I didn't really enjoy ticket sales. I did simply to get my foot in the highly competitive door of professional sports. So here I am in Houston, TX with no job, no money and no family.

Where do I go from here.

Good question.

After spending the bulk of last weekend to think about and seek out any other opportunities I have decided it's time for me to come home. Houston was a great place to live for the time being, but I had no desire to stay there. The city is too big and too dirty. I'm sorry, but dealing with crack heads left over from Katrina on a regular basis gets old real quick.

So Friday morning I'm loading a U-Haul trailer and heading for Oklahoma City to spend the weekend with my best friend Cory and his wife (Yes, I said 'wife.' Trust me it trips me out too) before finishing the trek to STL Monday.

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