Monday, August 25, 2008

Blackberry and Bluetooth Nation

Last week I got on the parking garage elevator like I always do and I couldn't help but notice five of the other six passengers all had their eyes glued to their Blackberries. Trust me, I'm a big fan of no awkward conversation on elevators but the scene struck me as humorous. So with a grin on my face, I stepped into the elevator to the harmonious clicking chatter of thumbs on Blackberry buttons.

As someone who is not the beneficiary of a company issued Blackberry I never really noticed how popular and widely-used the device is until that moment on the elevatory. All I have to say is: those damn things are everywhere. I mean EVERY WHERE! Now that I noticed I see people on those things waiting in line, walking down the street, driving cars (yikes), sitting at bars (yikes), etc. C'mon people! Is that email or text message really THAT important?! It can't wait 15 minutes until you get to your desk from the car or lunch? Apparently not. I can see how the technology is useful for some professionals, but it's quickly becoming a fad. I really can't see why my school-teacher friends really need a Blackberry, but realize this is the guy that was the last to own an iPod or accept text-messaging as a suitable form of communication. Perhaps someday when I'm a department director instead of a lowly ticket sales peon on the very bottom of the sports franchise pyramid I'll possess a Blackberry, but until then I'll remain happily in the Stone Age.

I had another experience in the parking garage elevator, but this one involved a Bluetooth. You know, one of those hands-free cell phone talking devices you stick in your ear. When I stepped into the elevator dead silence filled the air. After a few quiet moments, the woman erupts in chatter scaring me half to death. The woman had long hair and I didn't notice the device in her ear. Again, the more I paid attention the more I see those things everywhere! Not that I'm a descendant of Abcrombie or Fitch, but Bluetooths are definitely the fashion blunders of 2008. Some people actually keep those things lodged into their eardrums while at ball games and bars as if it's a cool thing to do. That's one fashion statement they can have. But if it's endorsed by David Beckkham, maybe I should consider it.

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