Thursday, September 11, 2008

Flirting with Disaster

I'm in the midst of preparing my exodus from the prison that has been Houston, Texas for the past year of my life I had forgotten about one small detail.

Hurricane Ike brewing in the Gulf of Mexico.

He had always been there, but I forgot about him because, you know, I lost my job and had to figure out what my plan would be. My decision was to head for home and the Bayou City in my dust. Once my person frenzy concluded and I grew tired of Law and Order re-runs, I watched the local news to discover that Hurricane Ike was knocking on the Texas Coast's door step.

State government officials ordered the mandatory evacuation of Galveston Island this morning. Mandatory evacuation of Houston is expected later this afternoon. All the major highways are already a mess. I-45 N towards Dallas is bumper to bumper. I had to run some errands and fill up my gas tank. The lines at the gas station at 10:30 were 3-4 cars deep.

I can't go anywhere until I get the U-Haul trailer which I reserved for Friday. My friends are supposed to throw me a going-away party tonight but I know of a few of them who have already left town.

Shit is getting real. The next few days could be a true test of wills.

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