Monday, January 28, 2008

Birthday- Texas Style

Life is all about relationships. It's not necessarily what you know, but who you know. A perfect example is a guy I work with who is a few years older but has yet to finish his college degree and is working for a professional soccer team. Yikes.

My birthday celebration revolved entirely around relationships. Last Friday my friend Averick (my token black friend) and I went to a bar called Pub Fiction for happy hour. I met our bartender Gabe a few weeks prior- he's a big Dynamo fan. He gave me free shots of Petrone and fat discount on my food. We had to play a soccer game that night, so nothing happened after that.

Saturday night was the main event. I met the owner of a new bar in Midtown called Shot Bar a few weeks ago. He's from Yugoslavia and a big soccer fan. He gave a special VIP reserved area for my birthday with our own bartender. My friends were rather impressed. Shot Bar was rocking because it's almost just like Kilroy's back at IU. My friends came from all sorts of relationships: work, Philmont, and an '07 IU grad that did not meet until Houston.

In addition to the festivities I passed my referee's class and once again relationships are going to get me some games right away and some additional income.

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Anonymous said...

Happy belated B-day J.B. Sounds like you had a "big Ole Texas style one." I've managed to save a few of those Samuel Smith's that I got for us for X-mas. Hopefully, they will still be here when you return. Hope to see you soon and GO HOOSIERS! Uncle Lee