Monday, October 19, 2009

HIRED and College for the Weekend

I know that most people in my life already know this but I accepted an full-time job offer from a company called GroupCast here in the St. Louis, MO area. I started the second week of my training and so far everything is gravy. I can't even begin to describe this past year which has been by far one of my most challenging. Right when I thought I was turning the corner and creating new opportunities for myself I had them taken away. The day-in and day-out grind of filling out applications, submiting resumes and scheduling follow-up calls are finally behind me (at least for now). At one point I was working 3 part-time, non career-minded jobs and all I could was: "What has my life come to?" It wasn't just the lack of a job. It was all the things that result from lack of a steady paycheck: no social life, an uninterested girlfriend, bills that can't be paid, etc. It adds up and I hit a threshold and now hopefully I am begining a bit of a Re-Birth of you will.

And what better way to start a fresh start?

Go to Indiana University's Homecoming with a bunch of you old college fraternity brothers!

I've never been to Heaven. Maybe I'll make it there someday, but as I crossed over Indiana State Road 37 on the Indiana State Road 46 bridge connecting Elletsville, IN to Bloomington- I was without question the happiest I had been in quite some time. I immediately when to a Sigma Nu live-out party where I was handed a cup of flat, keg beer. We started our bar tour at Upstairs Pub and ended up at the Sigma Nu house stopping at Kilroys Sports along the way. We were up until 6am. We were in the tailgate fields by 10am. I re-lived college for only 48 hours and couldn't help but wonder how I lived like this for 4 years. But it was good times all around. Every time I get together with the IU-SNU boys I just know everything is going to work itself out.


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