Sunday, March 29, 2009

March '09 Update

As one month ends, another begins.

Most of my time during March was consumed by my job at Ozzie Smith's Sports Academy running their Spring Break Sports Adventure Camps. In all reality, we ran a glorified baby-sitting service. Moms and dads all across the West St. Louis County area realized that they might actually have to spend the entire day with their bratty kids, so they dumped them off on us. Most of them had little or no interest in sports. I threw my arm out playing dodgeball with six year olds.

When I wasn't doing that, I was logging up the miles driving to and from Collinsville, IL doing my part-time gig with Saint Louis Athletica of the new WPS league. The home-opener is this Saturday April 4. Everyone is in a frenzy, but I'm confident everything will run smoothly.

I'm still training to be a reserve firefighter with the Eureka Fire Protection District. Training has greatly intensified. We are doing more practical drills than class room lectures. Last Saturday we drilled and trained in the pouring down rain which made our turnout gear and hoses much heavier and bulkier than normal. However, fires don't always happen when its warm and sunny so its good experience.

I was supposed to coach a U13 girls soccer team but their training schedule conflicted with my night classes at St. Louis Community College so that didn't happen. However, I'm working with the coaches at Whitefield HS and they asked me to be a volunteer assistant with them this fall.

I've started playing soccer again. A guy in my accounting class has a team and he recruited me one night after class. I'm also playing in an outdoor Sunday league as well.

If you all must know, I'm still with "Train Girl."

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